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Online CPR Courses And Certifications For Institutions
Is your school, daycare, nursing home, dental clinic, recreation center, or other institution prepared for a cardiac emergency? What if a student, patient, teacher, employee, or co-worker suddenly collapsed - would anyone know how to administer CPR to save that person's life?
While calling 102 is critical in this type of emergency, by the time help arrives to provide emergency care, it could too late.

CPR Courses For Individuals
What would you do if your child, spouse, parent, relative, friend, or even a stranger suddenly collapsed from cardiac arrest and desperately needed CPR, but you were the only one around? Calling 102 is an option, but by the time help arrives, it could be too late.

If you invest just a small amount of time in taking our free online CPR class, you'd have the skills and knowledge necessary for springing into action and saving the life of your child, spouse, parent, relative, friend, or stranger with CPR. Our free online CPR classes making learning to save lives easy.

Online CPR Courses And Certifications For Librarians And Their Members
Librarians have a unique job where they deal with a wide range of different people. First, there are the elderly who wile away their time reading a good book at the library.
With such a wide variety of people milling in and out of the library, it's inevitable that at some point someone may experience a health emergency. That's why it's so important for librarians to get comprehensive CPR training so they have the skills and knowledge to save the lives of people of all ages.

We make it simple for librarians to receive the CPR training they need with our free online CPR classes. By spending just a short amount of time attending our CPR class, you can have the education you need to save lives.


We work closely with companies and groups to customize safety training courses relevant to the specific work environment.
Trust us to provide you with sound advice on required training prerequisites as you research your career path. We have direct access to the most current information put out by governing regulatory agencies (ie: Workplace Health and Safety) as well as information on certification requirements and frequency of training.


Our company is proud to offer a full range of training programs on a regular basis at our training centre in Delhi and sometimes in Noida , Faridabad, Gurgaon. Visit Course Locations and our Training Calendar for details on upcoming courses. Our rates are very competitive and we pride ourselves on providing you with a high quality training experience.

We are a progressive company striving to provide our clients with the latest industry approved information on safety and first aid in a most cost and time effective manner. Our energetic instructors are qualified in a variety of occupational backgrounds and are very knowledgeable in their subject areas. We can also customize our courses to make them appropriate for your work environment. Our training approach provides opportunities to work through realistic occupational scenarios, which will result in better skill retention for you and your staff.
Monday : Jodhpur
Arrival 7.00 AM Departure 3.30 PM
Special welcome on arrival and sight seeing of mighty fort followed by lunch at Gorgious Umaid Bhawan Palace.

The city best known for its indigo-hued homes and buildings, Jodhpur is the former capital of the Marwar. The Mehrangarh Fort was built by Rao Jodha in 1459 and later his successions also added new structures. The forts is situated 120 meters high rocky hill, this fort is witness the lavish and royal history of Rathore.

Fort stands on strong and wide walls, which are 20 to 120 feet high and 12 to 70 feet thick its gigantic structure and finely carved intricate sculpture are a treat for eye.

The royal structure boast their own saga of security and beauty the perl palace has a delicately carved stone screen, umaid vilas displays @ ¤¤­<čture paintings and the ajit vilas exhibits musical instruments and the royal costumes. Shopping of local handicrafts. Umaid Bhawan Palace worlds finest and largest palace in the world Maharaja Umaid Singh utilized the services of a well known Edwardian architect, henry vaughan lanchester for the construction of this palace. There are 347 rooms in the palace that boast about its grandness and splendor the central dome that has become the identity of the palace 110 feet high. The royal family in still lives a part of the palace also having the old clock museum.
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