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Introduction to First Aid

First aid is the most important branch of medical science. First aid is the immediate and temporary treatment given to the person who suffers an accident or any sudden illness before medical help is available. It can also be defined as the immediate and temporary care given to an injured or sick person until a qualified doctor is available. First aid indicates the person is in need of secondary help.

The concept of first aid was conceived by General Esmarch 1823-1908 due to the advancement of technology accidents are on the rise, and occupational hazards are rising, resulting in loss of life, and injuries .under these circumstances, the first ad has become more important. A person does not need a certificate to perform first aid.

We all perform first aid regularly-Put on a band-aid. Take out a splinter. Cool Sunburn. However, sometimes there is a need for more involved treatment of a critical injury or management of an accident situation. We may need to make a decision about which injury should be treated first, or which person we should look at first.

The course that you are undertaking and this resource material will assist you in your decision-making and your practical skills. Just remember that this information is a guide, each situation is different and if resuscitation is needed, then any attempt is better than none at all.

Holding a First Aid certificate does not generally mean you have any legal obligation to use that knowledge in the wider community or in day-to-day life.

            If you are a designated First Aider in your workplace then the situation is a little different. As First Aider at work, you have an agreement with your employer and your fellow employees to assist them when necessary. In this case, you cannot generally refuse to help because you have taken on a duty of care to those people that you work with.

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