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Activation of Emergency system

When you are all alone near the victim, Call 112 immediately so the ambulance may arrive quickly and victim should be transferred to nearby hospital. Whenever any AED is present beside the victim, immediately activate it and quickly attach it to the patient.

Safety of first aider is must and should always be the priority. Make the scene safe for you; remove any danger if present than proceed to do first aid.

activate Panic call Use 112


Whenever any unconscious casualty is found make sure his airways are always cleared. As long as the airway is cleared victim has more chances of survival. Tilt the head Backward and lift the chin of victim without putting extra stress on victim's neck. Open the mouth of the victim and look inside it to remove any foreign object present inside. Tilting of neck backwards also draws the posterior part of the tongue forward and clears the airways completely.


Check the few signs of utmost importance called Vital signs.

Vital Signs:-

1. Breathing: - It is checked by putting back side of palm or cheek in front of the nose to feel the breath coming out from nostrils

Note breathing pattern

  • a. Fast or slow?
  • b. Deep or shallow?
  • c. Easy or hard to breathe?

How to Check for Breathing – CPR Test

2. Heartbeat: -You have to listen heartbeat by putting the ear on the chest of the patient and remember to use both the ears to be sure of heartbeat.


3. Pulse: - Never waste your time to check the pulse on the forearm as it may be shallow and you may not be able to feel it. Always check the pulse in the neck region near the voice box. This pulse is present on both the side of the neck and is called as carotid pulse see video. Put two fingers on the side of the neck just behind your voice box. Use your index and third finger against windpipe and you will feel a throbbing sensation that is carotid pulse. Give few seconds for yourself to feel it and don’t get hurried.

How do you check for circulation in CPR

CPR / AED / First-Aid

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