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Cardiac diseases are the major life threatening emergencies worldwide as shown by the data collected by various agencies. Heart Attack and Cardiac arrests are major causes of death worldwide. Every single day someone is facing these emergency situations. Having being trained in CPR you can administer it to any one whose heartbeat may have stopped either due to Choking, Heart attack, drowning or any other medical condition. Administering CPR save the Life of injured if given properly. Chest compressions are followed by mouth to mouth breathing for providing enough oxygen to the casualty to survive.

If a human being is deprived of oxygen for 10 minutes or more the chances for death increases many fold. Brain damage starts if oxygen is not in circulation for 6 to 10 minutes inside the brain.

Understanding CPR

Cessation of heart beat terminates the bloodflow inside the body as well as in brain. The brain does not get steady supply of oxygen leading to death or serious damage to brain tissue. Chest compressions are immediately started in CPR for circulating the arterial Oxygen inside the body. It leads to the constant supply of oxygen to the brain, thus minimizing the brain damage.

However if the AED is available, it dramatically increases the chance of survival of the casualty. Early detection and immediate First aid leads to great recovery of pt. Recommendation

  • If there is untrained rescuer they should only provide chest compressions.
  • Golden rule of first aid says Immediately Activating the EMERGENCY RESPONSE SYSTEM and providing CPR to the casualty

CPR / AED / First-Aid

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