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When to Activate Emergency Response System

Activate the Emergency Response System 112 if you are all alone then immediately start CPR. If AED is present activate AED quickly. If you don’t have someone beside you and neither any mobile phone then you can leave the pt for activating EMS. Safety for first aiders and as well as making the scene safe is a priority.


  1. Breathing: - Breathing is checked by putting the back side of the palm in front of the nose and can feel the breath coming out from the nostrils.

    Note Breathing Pattern
    1. Fast or slow?
    2. Deep or shallow?
    3. Easy or hard to breathe?
  2. Heartbeat:- Heartbeat is listened to by putting the ear on the chest of the patient using both ears.

 How to Perform Child and Baby CPR

  1. Pulse:- check the pulse by putting two fingers on the side of the neck just behind your voice box. Use your index and third finger against the windpipe.

CPR / AED / First-Aid

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