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Witnessed Collapse (Pt COLLAPSED IN FRONT OF YOU)

Follow same steps as in adult or child. Unwitnessed Collapse: Don’t waste time initiate the emergency response system. If AED is available start it.Than start CPR.

Infant CPR (Age Less than 1 Year, Excluding Newborns)

Scene Safety and Recognition of Cardiac Arrest: Check vital signs as mentioned in adult or child CPR. Pulse, breathing and heartbeat should be checked. Remember infant’s pulse is checked in different location compared to adult or child.

Check Pulse

An infant's pulse is checked at the brachial artery, which is located inside of the upper arm, between the elbow and the shoulder

Infant / Pediatric CPR

C is for Chest compressions – Infant Compressions


Chest compressions immediately start circulating the blood within the patient body. Using the arterial blood oxygen is supplied to the brain. It's important to place your hands correctly upon the patient’s chest.

Make sure to push hard and fast, use EXTREME caution when providing CPR on infants.


If you found infant has collapsed in front of you, perform 5 cycle of Compression and breathing or about 2 mins of CPR than call 112

Compression-ventilation ratio

  • One Rescuer - 30:2
  • Two or more Rescuers - 15:2