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Hepatitis B Vaccine for exposed workers

  1. All the workers in OPIM contaminated area should be vaccinated with hepatitis vaccine.
  2. There are three shots O, 1, 6 months. It is very effective for about 95% adults.
  3. If you are not vaccinated post exposure treatment should be done after evaluation of Immune globulin. If you decline, you must sign a “Declination Form”

If anyone is exposed to blood or OPIM follow the following protocol:

  1. Clean the affected area thoroughly with lot of water
  2. Needle sticks, cuts, should be washed with soap and water.
  3. If blood or OPIM is splashed to nose or mouth flush nose and mouth with water.
  4. Irrigate eyes with clean water, saline, or a sterile irrigant.
  5. Report exposure to the person responsible for managing exposures


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