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Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks immune cells called CD4 cells in human body These Cells are white blood cells and move around the body, looking for any infection inside the body. When HIV infiltrates these cells the body’s ability to fight these diseases decreases and body became prone to different type of infections.

But Virus is very fragile and survives only for few hours in dry environment. HIV infection causes a disease called as AIDS. After getting infected by HIV AIDS develops within 10 to 12 yrs.

Due to Aids various opportunistic infections like T.B toxoplasmosis Kaposi’s sarcoma oral thrus strike the bodies and body due to low immunity unable to  resist it.. There is no permanent cure for AIDS.There is no cure yet for AIDS

How is HIV  transmitted?

  1. Sharing needles or syringes
  2. Sexual contact
  3. From HIV-infected women to their babies during pregnancy or delivery

Breast-feeding, Needlesticks (rare)

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